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The territorial distribution of private pharmacies

The possibility of opening a Private Pharmacy is only possible by respecting a precise territorial distribution of these establishments on the territory.

By law, the territorial distribution of pharmacies is carried out following precise demographic criteria.

Keep in mind that it is possible to open a Pharmacy for every 3,300 inhabitants with the possibility of opening a further one if the surplus population exceeds 50% of the established number of inhabitants.

To open a Private Pharmacy you must therefore bear in mind that the opening of new pharmacies is only possible in a vacant location or by taking over a pharmacy that has already started.

The possible alternative is to open a Municipal Pharmacy . However, in this case the procedure to follow is completely different, as it is necessary to pass a public award competition.

The statute of the pharmacy
The statute of the company and any subsequent changes are communicated to the Federation of the orders of Italian pharmacists.

The statute of the pharmacy must also be communicated to the councilor for health of the competent region, to the provincial order of pharmacists and to the ASL competent for the area.

The communication must be made within 60 days from the date of authorization to manage the pharmacy .

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